Thursday, August 19, 2010


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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I love es + es.....

You guys have got to check out these adorable handmade heirloom style clothing from es + es . I am in love! How girly and beautiful are all these lovely pieces. And might I add that each piece is made with the highest quality of materials, that's why they're heirloom pieces. These are lovely pieces you can pass down from one generation to the next.

I fell in love with that beautiful Once Upon A Time dress with the big bow on the chest and the beautiful blue ruffle bottom. How adorable is this dress? All of these pieces are uniquely made with a touch of whimsy and enchantment. I mean, that's what childhood is all about, right? So make sure to check out the etsy shop and website, these clothes are adorable!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Another Lunch Blog" is FANTASTIC!

This bento lunch consists of a pig in a blanket, pretzels, cheddar cheese (cut in flower shapes) and a silicone cup of strawberries and blueberries.
The cute little bottle with a bunny lid holds ketchup.

She is dressed in a strawberry Simply Fruit fruit-roll up dress, and accessorized with a cheddar cheese tiara and magic wand (aka a piece of Pocky). :) Her smile is a teeny piece of fruit roll-up too and there are a few sprinkles on her wings.The rest of the bento lunch consisted of cucumber slices and a few cherry tomatoes in one section, with organic yogurt covered raisins and blueberries in the other. Also bunny marshmallows . This waste-free lunch is packed in an EasyLunchboxes container. :)

From top to bottom: a mini blueberry muffin, a little cup of almonds, a mini burrito of leftover chicken, rice and cheese, purple & green grapes with a piece of cantaloupe cut into a puzzle piece shape using The Lunch Punch.

On the left are pieces of Polish sausage and cheddar cheese. The sausage was leftover from dinner the night prior.
On the right is a silicone cup of clementine orange segments and small grapes, corn puffs

On the left is pizza cut into small bite sized pieces, and Goldfish crackers.
On the right side is strawberries, organic yogurt covered raisins (I only buy organic ones because they are the only ones I can find without partially hydrogenated oil *shudder*), and in the dish are slices of cucumber with a drizzle of low-fat parmesan ranch dressing

On the left she has a small peanut butter & cherry jam sandwich with a butterfly cracker and butterfly shaped piece of fruit leather on top, with cheddar cheese triangles in the back.
On the right she has cucumber pieces in the little dish and in front are clementine orange segments and a few frozen blackberries.

On the left is a semi-homemade garlic clover roll, a few slices of salami and mozzarella cheese. On the right side is a salad of mixed organic greens and a couple grape tomatoes. The little bear face on the side is a small bottle of salad dressing. The little dressing bottle has a flip top lid and is sold (at JList) as a set with a few smaller bottles with cute tomato lids.

in the top section: grilled cheese panini cut into stars, frozen blueberries and sunflower kernels.
In the bottom section: strawberries and pickles.

Cereal bar, granola bar, animal crackers, carrots, pickles, wheat crackers and cheddar cheese. The smaller sections held raspberries and strawberries & half a clementine.

half of a turkey sandwich wrap (from an impromptu Costco lunch the day before), carrots, chopped apple, pistachios and some stale SunChips.

Packed in an EasyLunchboxes container, the large section on the left has a turkey sandwich, pretzel crisps, cheddar cheese and fruit leather. The smaller sections on the right hold cucumbers and raspberries.

Star side: royal blue star-shaped silicone cup (be on the looksie for some of these to pop up in a giveaway soon!)full of raspberries, grapes on a star pick, a strawberry with a star mini-fork (sort of looks like a strawberry stem!), a mini cupcake and some animal crackers.

Stripes side: panini (italian cheese blend on sourdough with EVOO and lightly seasoned) and a slice of apple. A piece of green silicone barran separates the apple from the sandwich.
On the left side is chopped cucumber, a pb&j biscuit, veggie straws.
On the right side are chopped strawberries and deli rolls of ham and provolone cheese.

Working from top left to the bottom:
Baby carrots, strawberries in a silicone cup, crackers, the rest of the tiny cheddar cheese stars (extras from the other day's tiny snacks - so much easier to do a lot at once and keep them ready to go in the fridge!), peppered turkey roll-ups on a pick, and a homemade granola bar.
And lastly, the bright red stick is a tube of honey!

I was just doing my normal blog visit when I stumbled across this amazing LUNCH blog called "Another Lunch" by Melissa. It's all about lunches for your little ones. I remember when my son was young I would truly enjoy taking the time out to make him a nutritious lunch the night before. This blog brought back those memories. I just enjoyed going through all of her blog post as you can see. You can truly feel how passionate Melissa is about making sure her children eat healthy and I think it's awesome that she is sharing her wonderful ideas with us.

If your looking for good healthy lunch ideas, please check out this blog. Every image above and the paragraphs below are all from her blog in this post. I wanted to share with you just a sample of what you'll get when you visit. I know little ones can be picky, but the way that she uses shapes and packs the lunches to make them interesting and fun would make any child enjoy eating their lunch. Make sure to check out all of the lunch boxes she uses and other lunch items to make lunch making easier. She has all the links on her blog. I just had to share this with you guys. I know some of you have picky eaters or you just get stuck with what to fix for lunch. Well, this blog is full of great ideas, check it out!